Energy Lounge

Divine Frequency of New Paradigm

Your frequency creates your reality.

„If you want to understand the universe, think about energy, frequency and vibration“ (N.Tesla)

Basically, everything in our lives is closely linked to energy – whether we are stressed, tired, lacking in energy, have financial bottlenecks and shortages OR whether we are happy, healthy and satisfied with our lives and live in abundance.

In our exclusive Energy Lounge, we therefore combine approaches from modern scientific knowledge with the most modern energetic work at the highest level. This unique combination of science and a holistic and modern energetic approach to people creates more freedom and the highest potential for development on all levels and in all areas of life.

What is special about our work is that our customers no longer have to work with tedious and often time-consuming classic mind-focused mindsets in order to achieve their goals.

Working with us is a gigantic UP GRADE on ALL levels. We offer different offers, which in combination with our many years of experience are connected and encoded together with a gigantic energy of the New Age. This means that the manifestation of your desired results will be significantly larger, faster, stronger and more wonderful, happy coincidences and good opportunities will appear in your life. Our mission is to help everyone achieve their dreams.

„Experience WEALTH, ABUNDANCE and HAPPINESS in all areas of your life.“

About us

Grace Florence- Expert in Positioning, Radiant Presence and New Paradigm Transcoding Mentoring.

My name is Grace Florence, I’m a seasoned blind spots expert with lightning fast minds and strong intuitive knowledge. Connect what doesn’t seem to belong together, create crystalline clarity, pinpoint positioning and branding for lasting success in the NEW PARADIGM. I combine the latest scientific findings with the latest energy work to generate the best results in the areas of stylish presence, customer attraction, exclusive visibility, abundance and radiance.

I warmly welcome you to our wonderful website. Here are a few words about my career. For more than 20 years I had been scientifically active and involved in various research projects. This was followed by years of intensive consulting work with numerous clients from public life. A few years ago I discovered and learned to love the modern energetic work of the New Paradigm. That everything around us is frequency has been obvious to me for a long time. The years of studying quantum physics certainly helped me with this. Luminaries such as A. Einstein, N. Tesla and other quantum physicists agreed here – everything is frequency.

So I began to feel more and more and to experience that the fact alone with which frequencies we are connected in everyday life decides whether we live lack or abundance, whether we are happy or full of worries and dissatisfaction. My path to becoming a transcoding coach and mentoring for prosperity and radiance in the New Paradigm was becoming increasingly clear. (Creating) in the New Paradigm means that old principles that you are familiar with (e.g. mindsets, plans) are no longer followed. These Old Methods no longer work in the New Energy. So it is very important to be aware that the matrix is ​​going through major changes right now- Old energies are saying goodbye to us humans all over the world. For this reason, the methods that have been generally applicable to date will no longer be able to serve people or will hardly achieve satisfactory effects. I have completely left the old professional path as a doctor – grateful for all these valuable experiences, I honor my knowledge and experience in the Old World. I let go and have decided to give people only the best.

PROFILE – Studies in medicine, license to practice medicine, years of scientific work in the field of stress research, quantum physics, other high-quality training in the latest bioenergetics, medial advice on the New Paradigm, Master for energetic (5D) alignment in Lotus Love, Clearer ® Frequency Mentor, Master for modern higher dowsing & matrix recoding in the New Paradigm.

Keywords: Crystal Clear Positioning, Radiance, Blind Spots, Transcoding Coaching, New Paradigm Bioenergetics, Matrix Transcoding, Moneyflow

Motto: connect things in an new way. connect ways in a new thing.


Neria Odeya- Expert in Highly Effective Clearings in the New Paradigm. Founder of Holistic Multilevel Clearing.

My name is Neria, I am the founder of Holistic Multilevel Energetic Clearing. My special gifts include intuition, clairvoyance and sensitivity. I can quickly resolve very difficult situations that often seem hopeless. This suddenly brings new solutions, impulses and relief in everyday matters for my clients (e.g. work, relationships, money, healthy body, connection to the divine). My clients appreciate my extraordinary ability to send messages that activate such valuable, strong impulses for their further path.

For almost three decades I have devoted myself with passion and love to deep research and the intensive development of special methods, exercises and techniques that serve to create a strong connection to the divine matrix. The connection to the divine matrix means that all areas in your morphogenetic field in balance & harmony are restored to their original matrix. Only through the production of these latter aspects can you really live abundance, wealth, happiness, health in your life – depending on your personal dreams. The extent of establishing the connection to the pure divine matrix can vary greatly from person to person.

What is Holistic Multilevel Clearing?

This extraordinary method, developed by me, deals both with the exploration of deeper causes on an energetic level and with a unique energetic cleansing of different disturbances on all levels in all timelines and in all dimensions, whereby a perfect divine ideal state in the morphological matrix field is produced. These include, for example, mental, emotional, subtle disruptive factors that are neither visible to us nor tangible with other methods that are common to us. Only through the holistic clearing process & restoration of the divine matrix is ​​everything possible in your life.

PROFILE – Studies in social sciences, many years of expertise in modern higher radiesthesia according to J. Baj, pioneer of modern healing work and transcoding coaching in relation to changes caused by geometry & number in the matrix. Founder of Holistic Multilevel Clearing.

Keywords: Holistic Multilevel Clearing, Restoration of Divine Order, Matrix Recoding, Instant Results, Arbitration, Integration, Neutralization, Harmonization, New Paradigm.



Business Mentoring for freelancers

Programs for start-ups, freelancers and solopreneurs


Mentoring for big companies

Blue Stars

Our exclusive services

In all our offers, we touch people in their all-encompassing being. It is about very intensive and at the same time filled with wonderful lightness, profound changes on all levels, in which our clients are „adjusted“ to receive the fullness, richness and lightness of the New Paradigm.

From now on we only attract the best into our lives and leave the level of the old and disused. The changes can already be felt during the sessions. A deep clarity arises, conflicts dissolve, an unbelievable lightness and happiness sets in. Particularly valuable and intensive work also runs in the background.

Business Karma & Success

Business Karma & Success means deep joy and fun in business and entrepreneurial activity.

„What you sow, you will reap!“ This saying, which will be familiar to everyone, contains a lot of what is based on the concept of the karmic view of cause and effect. Building a business according to karmic principles of success means good seed, joyful earning, sustainability, taking into account one’s own needs and the needs of others, appreciation – especially towards oneself and the customers.

Who is Business Karma & Success designed for?

This program is designed especially for freelancers, self-employed or solopreneurs or those who want to become one. You want to build up your business or bring your existing business to a higher financial level, have more ease and greater success, but be less top-heavy and strategic, because energy and potential lie unused inside you. Unfold your true self and live your passion, enjoy your life to the fullest again, make your business shine and enjoy the joyful business from the bottom of your heart.

Our Business Karma & Success  is particularly valuable and recommended to anyone who wants to revolutionize their business concept and bring a new spark of esprit to their freelance/self-employed work. This means creating more prosperity and wealth as well as success based on karmic principles of success.

Our business program is very well suited for people who want to get to know the connection between energy work and business in a gentle way and, if necessary, prepare for the „business of the new age“.

What happens at Business Karma & Success?

Business Karma & Success specifically aims to increase the energy in the morphogenetic field enormously and, by changing the so-called matrix, to provide clarity about entrepreneurial activities and to resolve the causes of existing difficulties and conflicts. Furthermore, during our background work, we focus very intensively on the complete dissolution of any karmic entanglements and other energetic blockages, which very often block entrepreneurial success, expansion, money and customer attraction. The possibilities for a significantly higher income are thus opened up energetically. Negative karmic „vibrations“ are permanently dissolved, so that nothing stands in the way of true development and success. In addition, we suppress and clean all your premises, your car, everything that should serve your business from all disruptive factors, occupations, geopathological influences, etc.

Special Holistic Clearings für Company

Our offers are aimed at large companies/companies and institutions that want to use the current crisis as an opportunity and are open and interested in a comprehensive UPGRADE and further GROWTH. The offers are always specially tailored to the individual needs of the company.

Holistic multilevel clearings for companies are offered for the following problems:

– financial hurdles & bottlenecks
– complex and difficult decision-making processes
– Bullying and stress among employees
– problematic leadership
– Home office and isolation
– judicial and other institutional disputes
– Difficulties & Complications in Order Execution
– Problems with contractors and/or clients
– Lack of prospects or creative innovations
– general disharmony and imbalance in the company
– Difficult unforeseen or sudden situations
– Emergencies and disasters
– other foreign influences
The special thing about our work is that we work very intensively on entrepreneurial topics both in face-to-face coaching and in the background. The usual methods such as lengthy seminars and time-consuming „mindsets“ are completely eliminated. The way we work is truly revolutionary.

Our services

– Fast clarification & resolution of existing lengthy and complex problems
– Creation of balance and harmony in operations (managers, employees)
– Increase in frequencies for high work motivation and satisfaction among managers and employees
-Anti-interference and anti-radiation of all company buildings/premises etc. (e.g. geosmog, geopathology etc.)
– Ideas for innovations and new opportunities for doing business are increasing
– Increase in sales/ profits
– Increase in customer orders
– good results or outcomes in conflicts with offices, courts and institutions
– Increase in good offers/contracts
– Corporate visibility and presence increases significantly
– Financial concerns clear up

More information on request.